Facebook-Mimic Theme Gets More Attention

Yes, you read that right. The Make Your MySpace Proflie Look Like Facebook theme I created back in February has gotten a little more attention on the web in the last week.

I never planned on getting as much attention as this on my blog. One could always hope, but never actually think it could happen. Granted, I’m not pulling in thousands of readers every day, but I’m a little giddy nonetheless.

The “Facebook-Mimic” theme has now generated over 1,100 downloads, according to my download counter. One reason it got so many downloads was because it was featured in the article Best MySpace Layouts That Don’t Look Like MySpace At All on Mashable. Mashable is currently the 8th-ranked blog on Technorati.

This was nearly four months after the initial release of the theme. I had given up on any success at this point. Also, instead of trying to “cash in” on my newfound success, I had to sit idly by and watch as my website started to fall back into oblivion. I was sadly without much Internet access over the course of the summer.

Now, this very week, I get another mention by the 3rd-ranked blog, TechCrunch. Of course, it was only a mention at the bottom of the article MySpace Getting A Little Less Chaotic?, and the article didn’t stay on the front page long because the site is constantly updated.

It’s probably not a good thing to blog about my success, although I have very little of it, but I feel somewhat rewarded. After almost four-and-a-half years blogging, I feel a like I’ve accomplished something. And, I guess…well, I guess that’s something.