New Directions: Which Path Should My Blog Wander Down?

Setting Goals For The Future Of This Blog

Don’t let the title fool you. I have a few specific things in mind that I want to accomplish with this blog. I have, however, been constantly asking myself this question lately.

I want to do something new with this site. It’s felt a little stale to me for some time now, and I’ve been thinking about what direction I want to take with it. I still want it to be my personal blog, a place where I can unleash on the world once in a while or rant or ponder over random musings, but I want to have a more defined direction for the blog overall.

Some things I want to do:

  • Offer more WordPress themes.
  • Offer more WordPress plugins.
  • Write more WordPress and web design tutorials.
  • Catch up on my book reviews.
  • Offer monthly and/or weekly breakdowns of what I've blogged about and some things that I've found interesting online.
  • Narrow down my topics (categories) a little more, which would help with putting this site in a more specific direction.
  • Use tags to create a better taxonomy system in which users can find related articles. This would help users better find things they are looking for if the topics are too broad.
  • Piece together a design that fits with this site, that I like, and offers content to users in a more useful way and stick with it for a while.


  • Get more subscribers to my feed.
  • Blog daily, or at least write a few quality articles each week.
  • Double my daily unique visitor and returning visitor counts.
  • Generate more discussion of my posts. What's a blog without a few comments once in a while.
  • Make a few more dollars.

Mostly, I want to focus on getting better content out into the web by offering users, as well as the occasional family member that drops in, something of substance. I want to focus more on the things I love, namely web design and programming.

Now, that I have a few goals written down, I’ll have to follow through with them, won’t I? If you have any suggestions or want to tell me what you do or don’t like about, feel free to do so.