Weekly Roundup #1

After a long summer, one in which I had little Internet access, I am happy to say that I am now back in full force. I’m blog-hopping, RSS feed-reading, web-designing, and just plain havin’ fun on the Net again. It doesn’t hurt that South Korea’s Internet service is blazing fast compared to what I had back in the States.

So, what’s this weekly roundup thing?

This is where I herd all of the interesting posts, blogs, sites, feeds, or whatever together once a week. It’s a little something new I’m trying. Sometimes, I forget to mention how wonderful the Web is and what it does for us. Sometimes, I forget to thank or post a comment on a great article by a blogger. This is my way of giving some link love to the people who are making the web a better place for me. I hope you find some of these interesting.


I just installed a new feed reading add-on for Firefox, Brief. It's exactly what I was looking for in a feed reader. Nothing too fancy. A favorites folder. Just what I wanted: simplicity. So, with the new add-on, I decided to start anew (almost) with my feed collection. Of course, this list will only grow larger over time.

Articles of interest:

These are some of the articles that I've found interesting throughout the week and saved to my del.icio.us links, voted for on Digg or Reddit, or saved in my bookmarks folder (which I tend to do more often than anything).

Other sites of interest:

This is just another list of sites that I've found interesting this week. I may have added some of them because I liked an article or the look of their blog, and haven't decided on whether they are worthy of going into the feed reader just yet. Others might be vitally important sites that didn't fit in the other cateogires. You can always keep track of new links added through my links page, but it's hard to keep that updated as easily as I can with the various other resources I use.

I’m going to try to do a weekly roundup every weekend, so subscribe to my feed if you want to know the next time I update this site or post another weekly roundup.

What sites have made your Web experience a little better this week?