Weekly Roundup #2

Once again, I’m offering a weekly roundup of the things I’ve found interesting throughout the week. I kicked the Weekly Roundup off last week with Weekly Roundup #1.

What’s the weekly roundup?

It is an experiment I’m conducting on this website. Instead of posting asides, pulling in a del.icio.us feed, or posting daily on the things I like, I have decided to simply roundup some of the things I’m reading, watching, or listening to each week all in one convenient post. It’s my way of saying “thank you” to others for making the Web an enjoyable place.


These are the feeds I’ve added this week. I’ve also deleted a couple, but I won’t list them here. (One way to get deleted from my feed reader is by posting 20+ articles a day. That’s just too much to read.)

Articles, blog posts, and videos:

Neat snippets from the Web that I’ve saved on my del.icio.us links, voted for on Digg or Reddit, or saved in my bookmarks folder because I haven’t totally invested my time in social bookmarking sites. I really enjoyed the Bill Maher article and video, you should check that out.

Blogs and sites of interest:

Here is a list of blogs or websites that I’ve bookmarked, but haven’t totally commited to adding their feed just yet. Or, it could be that I haven’t browsed them enough, so I don’t know if they’re feed-reader-worthy. Or, quite possibly, it’s just a cool site that I want to plug here in this post.

Every week, I’ll post a new roundup, so stay tuned by subscribing to the feed or bookmarking my blog.