Weekly Roundup #6

I’m a little late on this past week’s roundup of cool and useful links. Sorry to those readers that look forward to this every week. I’m finally over whatever sickness I had and am ready to get back on track with blogging. Instead of skipping the Weekly Roundup altogether, I’ve decided to release it anyway.

I didn’t do as much blog-hopping last week as I should’ve because of said sickness, but I have a few useful links for you. Here they are:


Here’s some fresh content from the WordPress-o-sphere. There are some big things happening, and it’s going to be interesting to what effect these changes have on the community.

  • The WordPress Magazine More-popular-by-the-day blogger, Adii, is making strides with his newest concept — The WordPress Magazine. Hop on over to his blog to find out what this thing's all about.
  • Make a Facebook Fan Page Mark Ghosh of Weblog Tools Collection discusses the importance of creating a fan page for your blog and how it could help your online presence.
  • WP Designer Version 8.0 Small Potato launched his new look, and I am impressed. Mostly, I'm interested in how he will incorporate some new features that are coming to his blog soon with this design.
  • Ten Reasons to Choose WordPress A great list of reasons to use the most wonderful blogging platform / CMS in the world. I tend to agree with everything said from a beginner's standpoint, but think WordPress has much more to offer for those of us that've been blogging and designing for a little longer.

From the feed reader:

This is a list of great articles from my feed reader in the past week. Make sure you check them out and subscrbie to their feeds if their content suits you.


I only have a couple of design-related links for you this week, but they’re well worth checking out. Evan Eckard’s site is a must-see.

  • Evan Eckard Design Thanks to a post by our aforementioned blogger, Adii, I got a chance to see this beautiful site. I quickly tagged it under "inspiration" in my del.icio.us bookmarks.
  • Table of Web Fonts A great list of common Web fonts to use. It even shows different sizes, variants, and weights of each font family, so that the user can see what the font looks like on screen.

Blogs, sites, and articles of interest:

I’ve just lumped all the other content here in this list. These are a few cool things you should check out.

  • Pokin Around: A real person, a real death This is an interesting article on how one suicidal girl finally got pushed over the edge through the use of the popular social networking site, MySpace. It's definitely an interesting read and might change your perspective on what you let your children do online.
  • PopURLs A neat website that pulls in the top articles from pretty much any social media site imaginable. You can even customize the feed arrangement to suit your preferences.
  • Shuffle A game I got totally addicted to over the weekend. This is one of the reasons I'm late on posting the Weekly Roundup. It's just so darn fun!

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Thanks for taking the time to read this article. Do you have any interesting links, blogs, or sites that you’d recommend? There’s a good chance it might appear in next week’s roundup.