Weekly Roundup #7

Another week has gone by and I have another Weekly Roundup to present to you. No, I didn’t post too much in this past week, but rest assured that I worked every single day on something. I’ll give you plenty of new content in the coming weeks to be happy about. But, for now, check out this week’s roundup of noteworthy links.



Your weekly dosage of WordPress goodies and news. There are definitely some interesting sites you should check out this week.

  • WordPress for Dummies If only I had thought of this idea first. It sounds like a good read. I have so many WordPress tutorials and articles bookmarked now, that I'm not sure if I need a copy. I might still purchase one for reference though.
  • We Love WP I can't believe I haven't linked this site before. It's a great showcase of cool WordPress designs.
  • WP Themez This is a Digg-like site for WordPress themes. It could become pretty popular soon. I'm trying to do my part in seeing that happen. Go vote for my Visionary theme while you're checking it out.


Only one article this week, but it’s well worth the read.

  • Understanding Web Design A great article by Jeffrey Zeldman on Web design. He talks about what Web design is and is not. He also argues that many of the leaders on the Web do not understand what makes good Web design because they don't essentially understand the Web.

Articles of interest:

  • Never Say Die It looks like a few more people are taking Ray Kurzweil and others seriously. This is an article about how some "big money" individuals are investing in life-extension technologies.
  • 5 Content Myths and Why They Are False Jonathan Bailey gives a detailed explanation about some of the things you can do to fight against those that would dare to steal your site's content that you've put together through hours of hard work and sweat.
  • The Forrest Gump Guide to Becoming a Gazillionaire This is a funny and informative guide on keeping the cash flowing for your online business.
  • How to Write the Perfect 'About' Page by Numbers I think I might just make a Skellie section on this blog every week. Once again, she finds a way to make sense of everything. Now, I've got to go fix my About page.
  • Taking the Second Amendment to Court The Supreme Court will examine D.C.'s "right" to ban handguns. Oh great. What's next? Let's get rid of all 10 amendmants that make the Bill of Rights. When are we going to learn that these rights are not given to us. They're ours no matter what any government tells us. The Bill of Rights was simply a statement of what rights we have as humans.
  • A Nation of Sheep Someone from Fox News that actually makes sense. This has got to be some kind of joke. I'll look more into it.

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