Thank you to my theme users

First, you’re probably wondering why I’m writing this post to my theme users thanking them. Well, I just purchased a new computer monitor, and it’s all thanks to you.


Yes, wtih the donations you have given me, I finally decided to buy a little something for myself. So, I went over to Yongsan, my dream city, and drooled over all the electronics at the electronics market here in South Korea.

I’ve never seen so much technology before. I was sweating just walking into any one of the shops because they had so many computers, TVs, and any mobile phone you could possibly want running simultaneously.

As many of you know, I recently had a birthday (May 1). This was my birthday gift, so I wanted to thank you all.

Why I bought a new monitor

I’m a laptop guy. I always have been, always will be.

However, after about a month living in South Korea, my laptop monitor broke. I think it’s just the backlight, but it’s kind of hard getting things like that fixed in a foreign country, especially when you’re new and don’t know the language. Plus, I was broke at the time.

I bought an old monitor for ₩15,000 from a friend at work. It was a good investment, and I’ve since gotten used to looking at the external monitor.

Instead of investing in a new computer at the moment, I went ahead with the purchase of the new monitor for ₩320,000. I believe it was a worthwhile investment, and it let’s me continue saving money, which has been my plan for this year out in Korea.

I won’t bother going into all the specs as I really don’t understand enough about monitors to know what it all means. I will say that it’s a 19-inch LCD monitor that fits perfectly on the bedside table I have it sitting on.

Here’s a look at the old monitor versus the new monitor. My camera battery died before I could get in any decent pictures. If you’ve ever taken pictures of any kind of screen before, you know it’s hard to get the lighting just right.

Yes, the first thing I took a look at was my website with the new monitor. I just had to see what looked like with brighter colors.

Why you should be interested in this

OK. So, some of you gave me donations. What do you get back from my investment, or your investment?

The screen looks good and colors are much more vibrant than before. I can already see some major color variations between the old monitor and the new one. So, I’ll be able to see colors much clearer than I have before, which helps out when designing.

Plus, I’ll probably spend way more time online now that I have a new toy. That means more time spent working on cool, new WordPress things.

Anyway, thank you all, not only for the donations, but for the support as I continue my journey online.