WordPress Theme Club Launch

I told you I’d have a new theme club sometime or another, didn’t I?

Well, here it is — ThemeHybrid.com

Theme Hybrid

This thing has been months in the making, and I’m happy to announce the launch of the new site.

Theme Hybrid is all about the WordPress community. And, I believe we’ll have a lot of fun with it.

New themes?

Well, there’s one new theme and a whole lotta’ updates!

I’ve been busily working on updates for the Options, Structure, and Visionary themes, so you should have some cool, new stuff to play around with.

I have a few things coming soon too that I think you all will like.

I want to thank...

everyone that’s been involved up to this point. Theme Hybrid has been entirely paid for through user contributions, which I definitely appreciate. So, we have hosting for the next year.

I also want to tell Ian Stewart thanks for really expanding on the ideas behind WordPress and for doing more than his fair share of work by pushing me to think creatively with themes.

Then there’s Reinar Svendsen who helped out with some user testing, helping make sure the site was running.

Without everyone’s support in the last couple of months with the project, I would definitely be much further behind than I am now.

Things to look forward to

I won’t go into too many details at the moment. You can read the welcome post on the new site for more in-depth information.

I will say that I’m pretty excited about everything. I have quite a few theme projects I’ll be looking to bring out in the next few months.

The things you can really look forward to are a rethinking of how we use WordPress themes and how we’re going to reshape the WordPress theme market to something entirely new.

So, go check out the new site already!

Note: If you were a member of my forums here, then your user name and password should still work on the new site, so you shouldn’t have to sign up again.