Plugin dev book available for pre-order

Remember when I mentioned I’d be writing a book on WordPress plugins a while back? Well, my co-authors, Brad Williams and Ozh Richard, and I have wrapped up this thing and WROX is hard at work getting the book ready for publication.

It’s been a long, tough road, but we’ve all strived to bring you the best WordPress plugin development book you can find anywhere. I have more thoughts on the book-writing process and stories from the journey that I plan to share with you in the future, but I just wanted to let you know that you can pre-order the book from Amazon today.

What’s in the book?

Professional WordPress Plugin Development book cover

Professional WordPress Plugin Development covers everything from the basic plugin foundation to advanced topics such as the HTTP and Rewrite API. You’ll learn things like how to create widgets, build custom content types, and even market your plugin within the WordPress community.

The book has over 80 plugin examples that you can learn from all packed into 500+ pages of content. The plugin examples will also be downloadable from the publisher’s Web site.

Some of the topics we cover include:

  • Plugin Foundation: Starting off on the right foot.
  • Hooks: The backbone of the plugin system.
  • WP Integration: Widgets, meta boxes, etc.
  • Internationalization: Readying your plugin for translation.
  • Security: Lock down your plugin from attacks and hacks.
  • Settings: How to create and use plugin settings.
  • Users: Working with users, roles, and capabilities.
  • HTTP API: Doing cool stuff like Google Maps integration.
  • Shortcodes: Making users' lives easier with simple-to-use shortcodes.
  • Rewrite API: Bending rewrite rules to your will.
  • Debugging: How to debug and optimize your code.
  • And much more!

The book will be released on March 22, 2011, so go ahead a reserve your copy today.

The authors

Most of you reading this blog know me well, so I won’t say too much about myself here. If you’re unfamiliar with Brad or Ozh, they’re pretty awesome and know their stuff. You can’t find better guys to work with that have both the ability to write clearly and code poetically.

You get the knowledge of three developers who often focus on specific areas of plugin development, so we all bring our own unique talents to the mix. If you want to take a look at some of our publicly-available plugins, check out the following links.