Where's all the awesome WordPress content?

As many of you have probably noticed, I haven’t been producing a lot of great WordPress tutorials here on JustinTadlock.com lately. Don’t worry. I haven’t decided to stop putting out awesome content. In fact, I’ve got much better news!

I’m now writing my WordPress tutorials over on DevPress.com. I encourage you to head on over and check out some of the tutorials I have written and subscribe to the site’s feed.

Why write for DevPress?

I’ve always wanted a more permanent home for my WordPress-specific tutorials, something apart from my personal life. While my personal blog has served well for this sort of thing, I’ve always felt that WordPrss defined me, Justin Tadlock, too much. My WordPress content seemed to take over my personal life. I wanted to have a little separation between the two.

This separation should give me an avenue to actually write about my other interests while allowing people who just want to follow my WordPress work a way to more easily opt-out of following my personal life.

It should give me the freedom to write about anything now. You might even read a post or two about my cats! :evil:

Content on JustinTadlock.com

I’m not completely doing away with WordPress content on this site though, so don’t go removing me from your feed readers just yet.

There’ll be times when I want to write about WordPress-related things that are unrelated to DevPress. Or, there might be things I want to write about that my partners running DevPress don’t agree with. Whatever the reason, I’ll still be posting WordPress awesomeness on this blog. Most of the tutorials will be on the DevPress site though.

The plan is to simply shift the focus of my personal blog a bit. I hope you all continue to read the blog here, even if it’s not all about WordPress anymore.