When life gives you lemons...

You know, sometimes you just get tired of drinking all that lemonade.

August started out great.

It was the best month, financially, that I’ve had all year. I celebrated Theme Hybrid’s 10-year anniversary. And, I paid up all my hosting fees to keep the site going for its 11th year. I got ahead on insurance payments.

I launched the beta version of a new starter theme for WordPress.

Yes, the month was looking good.

Then, my car got a flat tire. The next day, I noticed Panther’s (one of my cats) left ear was swollen. After keeping an eye on it for a few days, it didn’t appear to get any better. He had a hematoma and had to go in for surgery to get it drained. He’s now under house arrest for two weeks. He refuses to wear the cone around his head and continually finds a way to pull it off.

Panther is also an outdoor pooper. He always has been. It’s one of his best qualities. The litter box just isn’t his thing. So, he’s having to learn how this works. He knows how to poop in the box, but he hasn’t gotten the hang of covering it up. He thinks standing outside the box and scratching the floor will get the job done.

He’s miserable. He’s usually the first out of the door in the mornings. I’m miserable too because I always work from the front porch while keeping an eye on the animals. I’m trying to stay inside and keep him company, but he’s not happy about it.

I know. Welcome to frickin’ adulthood.

Generally, I don’t let too many things bring me down. I’m the type of person who believes that anyone can get up and put a smile on their face in the mornings regardless of what’s going on in their life.

But, sometimes. Sometimes — you just need to complain about life and hope that someone will listen.

So, my dear reader, I hope that you will forgive me this once. I just needed to complain for a bit.