Pictures of cats

If there’s anything truly good about the World Wide Web, it’s that people can share cat pictures. Here’s a few pictures of cats that I see and interact with in my day-to-day life. Maybe they can brighten your day.


Smeagle is the surrogate grandpa around these parts. He’ll turn 15 years old in just a few weeks, which is well into his 70s in “cat years.” Like any good grandpa, he’s always grumpy with the younger generation and wants things his way.

He’s done a lot of traveling (Auburn, Atlanta, and back home) and been with me since 2003. His sister, Oly, died several years ago. Not long after, he gained a new family of rowdy kittens.

Smeagle, an old tabby cat, sitting in the shady part of a porch.


Oreo is a cuddler. He usually follows Smeagle around, but he’s mostly an equal-opportunity cuddler. When he’s not doing that, he’s constantly running around the yard without a care in the world.

Below, he’s found a fresh pile of leaves that look super comfortable.

Oreo, a white-and-black cat, sitting in a bed of leaves.


Jane is the only girl cat. She spends half her time mad at one of the boys. But, you better believe she can hold her own. She is the ultimate predator. Patient, quick, and fierce. I’ve once seen her spend nearly an entire day waiting for a single mole to come out his hole.

The only problem Jane has is that she tends to drag snakes into the yard. She even got bit last year and had to be taken to the vet.

Jane, a solid gray cat, sitting and yawning on a porch.


Panther is Jane’s brother. For the most part, he sticks to himself throughout the day unless I have the camera out. Then, he is always ready to strike a pose. He’s a jumper. There’s not a single structure on the property around here that he hasn’t at least attempted to climb up. He once made it about 30-feet up into the pecan tree after a squirrel before deciding he’d gone too far.

Panther had surgery on his left ear not long ago. The doc says it’ll likely always be a bit crooked now. So, he’s a little bit less handsome but at least twice as bad-ass.

Panther, a solid gray cat, lying atop a clothesline post


Tom is the neighborhood bully. He’s a lovable cat once he gets to know you, unless you’re another cat. He doesn’t really belong to anyone but is taken care of by everyone in the neighborhood. Even after being around for a couple of years, he’s still scared when people reach toward his head. I’m afraid he was abused as a kitten.

I’m going to call the mouse in the picture below Jerry. I’m pretty sure Jerry ended up being lunch.

Tom, a tabby cat with a white underside, lying next to a mouse in the grass.


Simba is another neighborhood cat who appeared earlier this year. We never found a home for him, so he just kind of eats scraps that everyone throws out. He was starving when he first showed up as a tiny kitten and probably hadn’t eaten in days. He’s playful and is going through his sort of teenage-wanting-to-fight phase right now.

Simba, a tabby cat, lying on the porch steps.


Tigger is one of my neighbor’s cats who hangs out sometimes. He was the neighborhood bully for a long while, but he’s just gotten lazy over the last couple of years. Mostly, he guards his own porch from other cats. However, he does allow Simba to eat some of his food from time to time. I think he recognized that Simba was just a kitten who needed help.

Tigger, an orange and white cat, walking.