Writing again

A blue typewriter, pen, and paper sitting on a desk.

The mid-year slump hit hard this year. I’m rarely a prolific writer or blogger during the summer. Perhaps it’s the heat down here in south Alabama. It makes you want to sit under the shade of an old oak and sip on a quart of sweet tea.

I’ve poured a ton of creative energy into my work at Theme Hybrid this year. Design and development zaps so much of that energy and creativeness that it’s tough to switch gears on a consistent basis and better balance myself. Finding that balance is continuous internal battle that I’m fighting.

I’m a man of extremes. I recognize that as both an asset and a disadvantage, depending on the situation. When I get something in my head, I’m “all in” until I see the project through. While that can be a good thing, it’s often to the detriment of literally everything else happening in my life.

Don’t you have to work today, Justin? Yes, but I’m penning the great American novel right now.

I have no clue how I ever made it through school when I was younger, switching between subjects every hour. Maybe it was the rigid structure that kept me on track. That and having little choice in the matter.

I’m working on improving myself and better organizing my days. One of the big changes I’ve started this week is to do some daily writing during the morning hours. It’s the time when my mind is the most refreshed and there is a world of possibility to explore with words. However, I limit myself to a strict 2 hours. Not a minute more. If I have a couple more paragraphs already on my mind, I simply leave them for tomorrow. Leaving a little gas in the tank.

This has worked well so far this week. With any luck, I’ll be able to train myself to stay on schedule.

So, what are you writing, Justin?

I cannot say at the moment, but I will unveil an announcement of some sort in the coming months.

I do have a couple of professional writing-related fires I’m stoking at the moment. If things play out in my favor, I’ll have some other good news in the near future. As always, I’m remaining cautiously optimistic. I want to believe I’m on the verge of a major turning point that will propel me to doing more of the thing that I love to do in the future.

Mostly, I’m just happy to be writing again in any capacity. It feels good. It feels right.