Recreation of a School-Age Drawing

On Sunday, I started wondering what my next drawing project would be. I originally planned to try my hand at another manga template. However, as I read over my previous post, Now This Is Art, I remembered that I had a ton of old drawings from when I was in school. So, I flipped through the stack and found something that I wouldn’t mind trying to redraw.

I do not remember which year the original was from. It is at least 20 years old. I also don’t know who the character is, but given my history, I’m sure he was from some video game or another. I’m pretty sure it is not a game I played. I just liked the art.

The following is a gallery of the original drawing and pictures of the various stages as I redrew it.

The tools I used were:

For this and previous drawings, I have been using a relatively cheap sketchpad from Walmart. It works well enough for pencils and charcoal, but it is not ideal for color pencils. It can be tough to get rid of all the white specks because the paper doesn’t have enough teeth to it. I’ll continue using it for sketches.

So, I ordered a couple of Strathmore 300 Series Bristol Vellum Pads for future colored drawings. I hope it holds up better for layering.

The process for this was both fun and frustrating. I had planned to go with a manga/anime style, but I kept picking up tips from various YouTube videos that I wanted to try. So, I experimented. A lot. I erased and recolored. A lot. More than anything, I learned several things that I can carry forward into future art.