In keeping with the spirit of experimenting with various mediums in my journey as an artist, I tried oil pastels tonight. I received these as part of a beginner’s artist set during my school years. I remember trying them once or twice, but I had no idea how they worked. They sort of seemed like weird, oily color crayons that were not worth my time.

As I cleaned out my office and art supplies a few weeks ago, I nearly put them in a donation box. That is where the remaining pieces of the original set went. However, there was some unknown force that told me to hold onto the oil pastels. Maybe I’d use them sometime.

Looking for a quick and relatively easy art project for the night, I searched around for a tutorial, finding a simple sunflower to try. I pulled out the old oil pastels, and the following is the result:

The tools I used were:

This was my second time using the new pastel pad. It felt like oil pastels worked better with it than soft (chalk) pastels.