I continue to enjoy soft pastels and their ease of laying down color. It is sort of like being a kid again with the messiness of the medium but an adult-like version that allows the creation of something akin to decent art.

I followed through with another tutorial, this time creating a daisy. I am happy with the end result. Soft pastel work also looks much better in person than viewing it digitally here on the web, and I cannot wait to hang this one in my office/art room.

Oh, yeah, that’s a project I started over the weekend. I now have two walls decorated with my drawing work from the last couple of months. One for portraits and another for landscapes. I still have a bit of work left on tidying up the room. Maybe I will be able to wrap that up this week and share.

As for this latest drawing, I feel like I really started to get the feel for pastel paper. It felt so different from other paper the last time I tried soft pastels that I wasn’t sure I would use it again. However, I am glad I stuck with it. Mostly, I just needed to use more pressure at times to really dig the colors into it and go lighter where I wanted the texture to bleed through.

Anyway, here is the daisy drawing:

The tools I used were: