First Beta Release of Blush

Screenshot of Atom code editor with a dark theme, displaying the index.php code from the Blush CMS.

When I released Blush 1.0-alpha two weeks ago, I don’t think I entirely grasped what I was getting myself into. For the first time, I was announcing the release of my very own flat-file CMS to the world. Sure, I had been running some mangled version of it here on my site since 2018, but this was a different venture. This time, it was for others.

Today, that reality is hitting even harder. An alpha release signals that the software is more-or-less (less, in my case) ready for developers to give it a whirl. But, a beta, that’s when things get real. The public APIs are stable enough for testing with a wider crowd. And, with any luck, nothing breaks entirely.

So, here we are, somewhere on the rickety edge, with something that probably ought not exist. But, we are here anyway.

Since the alpha release, I have pretty much rewritten everything. I won’t list all the changes here. Feel free to browse the commit log if you’re into that sort of torture.

For now, it is time to continue pushing forward, fixing any pesky bugs, and getting this thing ready for its 1.0 debut.

Speaking of version 1.0, I am tentatively scheduling it for release on April 3. That’s two weeks from now. In the meantime, feel free to give it a run.

Sorry, the documentation is almost non-existent at this point. Enjoy!