Professional WordPress Plugin Development

Professional WordPress Plugin Development book cover.

Professional WordPress Plugin Development is the ultimate WordPress development learning tool, taking budding PHP developers, advanced users, and professional programmers through the steps of creating quality plugins.

The book is available in paperback and e-book and is the only book you’ll ever need to craft poetic code like the pros!

What’s in the book?

Pro WP Plugin Development will teach you everything you need to know about developing WordPress plugins. It will walk you through the initial steps of setting up your first plugin to advanced topics never before covered in detail. The book includes 80+ fully functional plugins.

  1. An Introduction to Plugins
  2. Plugin Foundation
  3. Hooks
  4. Integrating in WordPress
  5. Internationalization
  6. Plugin Security
  7. Plugin Settings
  8. Users
  10. The Shortcode API
  11. Metadata, Post Types, and Taxonomies
  12. JavaScript and Ajax
  13. Cron
  14. The Rewrite API
  15. Multisite
  16. Debugging and Optimizing
  17. Marketing Your Plugin
  18. The Developer Toolbox

Plus, a foreword by WordPress, SEO, and online marketing consultant Joost de Valk.

Written By Professional Devs

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