I just wanted to make a quick note that my birthday is in a couple of days (May 1) and pass along a link to my Amazon Wish List (hint, hint). Also, feel free to join me for a little Halo Reach action this Saturday. Gamer tag: justintadlock.

There’s a new page on my site dedicated to the Pro WP Plugin Development book. Check it out and let me know what you think. By the way, the page uses a couple of neat features available in Theme Hybrid themes (more on this later).

daWPshow is a new WordPress podcast. Listening to WordPress-related podcasts is one of my favorite pastimes. Josh, the guy behind daWPshow, also plugged Pro WP Plugin Development in episode one, so I owe the show a little link love.

It’s sad that I have more friends on Twitter who can craft a complete sentence in fewer than 140 characters than on Facebook. My Facebook news feed is filled with trivial updates from people who don’t understand how to use a period properly, can’t figure out what to do with an uppercase letter, and often lack the ability to form a complete thought. The Elements of Style (yes, that’s a book) is your friend.

Several developers and community members predict what the future holds for WordPress themes in 2011. You can find my predictions mixed in with the bunch.