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Custom Fields For Feeds: WordPress Plugin

![WordPress custom fields for feeds“](/user/media/2008/01/custom-feed.gif“ title=“WordPress custom fields for feeds) Description: This puts images or videos into your feeds through the use of custom fields. You can alter the custom field Keys and what is displayed. Version 1.0.1 Beta License: GPL Download Plugin ([download#13#hits]) About this plugin One of the … Continue reading →

How to add videos to your WordPress sidebar

YouTube has become a bit of a phenomenon on the Internet, and everyone’s rushing to embed videos into their blogs. This is actually a fairly neat thing, especially if you blog a lot about videos or have videos that will emphasize the importance of your posts.

WordPress Custom Fields: Book Reviews Pt. 2

This part of the tutorial will cover making things look a little prettier. It is a more advanced PHP tutorial than any of the previous tutorials in the overall custom fields series. Basically, we will do a lot of work, but it won’t look like we’ve accomplished much. We still … Continue reading →

WordPress Custom Fields: Listing A Series Of Posts

This is an updated version of this article. If you're looking for the older version, see page 2. Do you write long series of posts? Do you have a bunch of articles that definitely need to be linked together? This WordPress custom fields technique will allow you to do that … Continue reading →

WordPress Custom Fields: Adding Images To Posts

This tutorial will explain how to add images to your posts using WordPress custom fields. It is the third part of the Using WordPress Custom Fields Series. This tutorial assumes you at least know what XHTML, PHP, CSS, and WordPress are. Plus, you should know how to input a custom … Continue reading →

Using WordPress Custom Fields: Introduction

I decided a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to do an ongoing tutorial series with WordPress custom fields. At first, I thought I’d simply write a complete guide, but that idea seemed daunting. It seems far easier to break down the guide into individual posts in a series. … Continue reading →

Using WordPress Custom Fields: Subtitles

This article, or series of articles, is long overdue. I’ve been using custom fields to make “little” fixes around this site for a while now. They are probably the most powerful feature of WordPress, yet the least used. Maybe that’s because they’re hidden away at the bottom of the “Write” … Continue reading →