Poor Man's Soup and the Path to Financial Freedom

On social media, I have routinely posted my grocery hauls every week for the past couple of months. Far too often, I hear folks in my circles complaining about rising prices, and I wanted to do something about it in a non-preachy way. So, I simply share how little I … Continue reading →

Why God made grandmas

Because of a Twitter conversation this morning, I had a hankering for some good ol’ Southern biscuits. And, like everyone knows, no one does it better than Granny (a common name for Southern grandmas). I told Granny if she’d make some, I’d eat breakfast with her. What made this even … Continue reading →

Homemade sweet potato fries

![/user/media/2013/12/sweet-potato-fries-960x720.jpg](The envy of all my low-carb friends) This is the last of my sweet potatoes from my garden this year. I thought it only fitting to finish them off by making baked sweet potato fries with a little homemade ketchup from a friend. … Continue reading →

Big buns

These were just awesome. I made two batches in the course of about three days. This is a modified version of the King Author Flour recipe. … Continue reading →

So worth every calorie

A new experiment in the kitchen with homemade cinnamon rolls and some other goodies.

Homemade rolls

I just made some rolls from scratch. Yummy! Also, I thought it was finally time to test posting an image to my blog from the iPhone. … Continue reading →

Tavern-style pickled eggs

If there’s one thing southerners love, it’s pickled foods. Pickled pigs feet, sausage, and eggs are staples in many homes in Alabama. Tonight, my housemate and I decided to pickle just over 100 eggs. We’ll sell most of them at a nearby auction (they easily bring $5/pint) and eat the … Continue reading →

Pizza Margherita

A homemade Pizza Margherita fresh from my kitchen.

Homemade bread

A gallery of photos of some nice, yummy homemade bread.

Homemade tortillas

I tried my hand at making some tortillas tonight. My car battery died, which meant I couldn’t drive to town to get any pre-packaged ones. I had already made some bean/rice mix and guacamole on Sunday. So, I just threw them on my first ever homemade tortillas. They were not … Continue reading →