Early 2019 planting

I had a busy three-day weekend, mostly devoted to gardening. Today, Tuesday, my body is wrecked. There’s not a gym workout in the world that compares to getting potatoes planted. I started the weekend with a trip to the annual Swamp Supper a few miles down the road. It’s an … Continue reading →

Prepping for the spring

Yet another weekend has gone by where I didn’t get into my tidying journey quite like I wanted to. I spent most of the weekend outdoors, getting ready for the spring season. At the end of last week, I started working on a new and improved chicken run. Over the … Continue reading →

Cleaning and gardening

I took the weekend off from fully following Marie Kondō’s advice on my tidying journey. I was struggling picking the right category of things to give the full KonMari treatment, but I knew I had a whole lot of junk that spanned multiple categories that just needed to be tossed. … Continue reading →

Bottled blackberry wine

Last year, I began the process of starting a blackberry wine. Just before Christmas, I was able to bottle it and give most of it away as gifts. Of course, I kept a bottle of it for myself. It got pretty good reviews for my second go at wine making. … Continue reading →

Blackberry wine: Getting started

Over the past few years, I’ve been studying and attempting to implement various permaculture designs into the home and garden. One of the ideas behind permaculture is to stop fighting nature so much and work with it. Bill Mollison once said, “You don’t have a slug problem; you have a … Continue reading →

Early 2017 homestead

As this year’s spring season gets underway, I’ve already gotten the garden fever. That’s just a given for me after waiting and planning all winter. Here’s a look at some of the homestead so far this year. I’ve got a few other things planted that I hope to show in … Continue reading →

Why I haven't blogged much this year

“When are you going to write some new WordPress tutorials?” people ask. I’ve been getting emails off and on this year about why I haven’t blogged as much. Generally, when I haven’t blogged in a while, it’s because I get a bit burnt out or am working too much on … Continue reading →

Breaking ground for the garden

I spent the better part of this morning plowing the garden with my new 16“ rear-tine Huskee tiller. It’s a little late in Alabama for the usual planting season to start, but we’ve had a late winter with wildly fluctuating weather. I’m excited about the months to come and the … Continue reading →

Big Papa Yellow

Enjoying my biggest watermelon of the year with my grandparents.