D is for dangerously diving doves

This edition of the ABCs of Writing is the fifth post in the series. I’ll cover the usage of things that fall under the “D” category. Note that some of these things, mostly the sections covering usage of numbers, strictly abide by the AP Stylebook. There are other style guides, … Continue reading →

C is for commonly confusing commas

This article in the ABCs of Writing series covers the letter “C,” which means that I’m writing about the comma. It’s the most dangerous part of English, yet it’s the most useful. I had to transform myself into a grammar Nazi to write about the comma because even I don’t … Continue reading →

B is for "because" because "because" is used badly

I’ve searched every inch of my brain to come up with something to write about on the letter “B.” There are not as many common mistakes with this letter as “A,” but I’ve put together some material to browse. For this new edition of the The ABCs of Writing, I’ll … Continue reading →