Doing more with gravatars: Authors template page

We’ve learned how to add an author bio to single posts and revamp our comments with gravatars. Now, it’s time to take this one step farther. We’re going to create a template page for all of our authors. This can be useful if you have multiple authors on your site … Continue reading →

Doing more with gravatars: Part 2

We’ve learned how to spruce up our comments sections a bit with the first part of this series. Now, we’ll cover an about the author section for single posts. I think this will mostly be useful for blogs and sites with multiple authors because you might want to tell more about who is writing the post.

Doing more with Gravatars: Part 1

I’ve been playing around quite a bit with the gravatar feature for WordPress since it now comes built in. I’ve learned a few things, so I figured I’d share them with you. From this point forward, I will assume you know what a gravatar is.