I’d be lying if I said today was a great birthday. It may be one I won’t soon forget but for all the wrong reasons. It’ll likely go down as the worst one of my now-40 years after losing my father just a couple of weeks ago. His is the … Continue reading →

2024 Goals

A new year is here. And it’s time for new adventures and new experiences. But, first, I need to lay out my plans. As always, my goals are never entirely set in stone. Circumstances and events—basically, just life itself—will always change how the year unfolds. Because I cannot see into … Continue reading →

2023: A Year of Challenges

As has become my ritual, I’m spending December 31 reflecting on everything that happened throughout the year. Then, I’ll spend the night hunkered down with the kitties, safe from the pops and bangs at midnight. 2023 has most definitely been a challenging year. So challenging that I failed to write … Continue reading →


Thirty-nine is the new twenty-nine, right? Right? …? That was the age that Grandma Tadlock always gave whenever I’d ask how old she was—she was forever 29. I suppose I could just stay the same age no matter how many years I’ve racked up. So, I’m entering the final year … Continue reading →

2023 Goals

Today was my third New Year’s Day in my new home. Well, it’s hardly a “new” home at this point. Or, maybe it is. Technically, I’ve been here for just over two years, but I have yet to finish unpacking. How about we compromise and call it newish? So, today … Continue reading →

2022: Year in Review

It seems that nearly every time I’ve sat down to write here on the ol’ blog in the last couple of months, something has gotten in the way. I have untouched ideas and unfinished drafts that I hope to get to at some point. But, it has been a busy … Continue reading →


As I was walking back from the mailbox at the end of the drive last week, I stopped to take in the view (shown in the image above). The sky was breathtaking. My photo really doesn’t do it justice. For a moment, all was right with the world. I was … Continue reading →

2022 Goals

As I like to do every January 1, I am posting my goals for the new year. Over the past few years, I have had some hits and misses. However, I have always felt like I made good on my promise to pursue any first-of-the-year plans shared here on the … Continue reading →

2021: A Year of Art

Another year. Another 365 rotations of this insignificant rock revolving around a glowing ball of nuclear fusion. It is merely one of billions in the Milky Way, a blip on the cosmic scale amongst its trillions of brethren. But, it is my tiny little rock, and I happen to like … Continue reading →

The Christmas Tree

One of the things I have always wanted was a great big Christmas tree in my own home. Over the years, as an adult, there has always been something that stood in the way of that happening …