"I am morally without sin"

“I am morally without sin,” he said, looking down on a group of 50 or so students. He also said he was a “Christian,” and he “has to listen to loud-mouthed women every day.” That was Wednesday. Today, he was shouting back at Auburn University students who were traveling between … Continue reading →

A History of the Shaved Heads of Female Stars

It’s no secret that Britney Spears might have lost her mind. It’s no secret that she partied with Paris Hilton, and didn’t wear any undies while doing it. It’s certainly no secret that Britney shaved her own head last Friday, then continued over to an L. A. tattoo parlor to … Continue reading →

Vet Sues IBM For $5 Million, Claims Net Addiction

An IBM employee fired in May 2003 for allegedly visiting an adult chat room while at work is suing the company on grounds of the American with Disabilities Act. James Pacenza, a 58-year-old man from Montgomery, Ala., says he is an Internet addict, and this is a disability resulting from … Continue reading →

Size 12, Too Fat For TV?

This stunning size 12 model was branded ‘too fat’ for TV competition. However, viewers voted her to the top female slot on the show. This is a fairly important piece of news. Click on over to the article and just look at the picture of this beautiful woman. Jen Hunter, … Continue reading →

Cell Phone Tracking

I cannot get sleepy for some reason. Well, I know that has something to do with the six hours I clocked early last night. I went to bed at about 6:30 p.m. and woke back up at around 12:30 a.m. I was just so tired from yesterday, from the whole … Continue reading →

SAT Writing: Colorful Vs. Formulaic

I read an article in Time tonight titled How I Did on the SAT. I have been interested in what the SAT is like now with the additional writing portion that I didn’t have to take. What surprised me the most was John Cloud’s assesment that “the essay readers reward … Continue reading →

Did You Think Life Was Going To Be Different?

Of course, the big topic of discussion today is 9/11. So, it would only be right to write a little bit about the subject seeing how it is the fifth anniversary of the event. This morning in my Newswriting class we discussed what we felt like and what we were … Continue reading →


I came across some news on today. It’s about this new and exciting religion called Scientology. I’ve heard of it a few times before, only ever being associated with Tom Cruise. I suppose he’s the spokesman for the religion. Anyways, here’s the article: Scarlett Johansson escapes Cruise's clutches 'MI:3' … Continue reading →