The God Delusion

I originally picked up Richard Dawkins’ book because it has gained quite a bit of popularity, which comes mostly from athiest circles. It seemed interesting enough though. Before I go on with a review, I must give a little bit of my religious background. I grew up in a protestant … Continue reading →


I just took the Belief-O-Matic Quiz to see what faith I’m aligned the most with. To my surpise, I’m a Unitarian Universalist. Whatever that means. Here are the top 5 faiths that the quiz says most closely matches my beliefs: Unitarian Universalism (100%) Reform Judaism (98%) Neo-Pagan (97%) Liberal Quakers … Continue reading →

"I am morally without sin"

“I am morally without sin,” he said, looking down on a group of 50 or so students. He also said he was a “Christian,” and he “has to listen to loud-mouthed women every day.” That was Wednesday. Today, he was shouting back at Auburn University students who were traveling between … Continue reading →

A Coach, A Prayer, & A Forgotten Amendment

As I said last night, I wanted to comment on the article, Coach Had A Prayer. I’m not going to summarize the entire article right here. But, the gist of it calls into question whether a high school coach can pray with his team. The ruling decided was that Borden … Continue reading →

A Kiss for Judas

This is a post I made for a class assignment about the Lacanian Real and the point-de capiton (stitching point) that I thought was kind of interesting, and I would like to one day truly follow up on by creating something more powerful and a better read in general. Anyway, … Continue reading →

4 Full Pages & A Bible Thumper

I sit here, well past my bedtime and wonder if I should finish off my 5-6 page paper, the one that now stands at a full 4 pages, tonight or wait until I’m a little fresher, by way of a few hours of sleep, tomorrow. I’ll probably wait until tomorrow … Continue reading →


I came across some news on today. It’s about this new and exciting religion called Scientology. I’ve heard of it a few times before, only ever being associated with Tom Cruise. I suppose he’s the spokesman for the religion. Anyways, here’s the article: Scarlett Johansson escapes Cruise's clutches 'MI:3' … Continue reading →