WordPress Themes

I've been in the lab

It’s been two years since I’ve built a new WordPress theme. That’s assuming we’re not counting starter themes. I was uninspired. It wasn’t until I launched the redesign of this blog that I found my muse once again. I had the beginning of an idea. I had a starting point … Continue reading →

I released the Socially Awkward theme over at Theme Hybrid today. It’s a responsive CSS3 and HTML5 media theme with some cool features.

Media theme preview

Here’s a quick preview of a new media-esque theme I’ve been working on. Post formats plus the new WordPress 3.6 audio and video functionality can do some pretty nifty stuff. … Continue reading →

If you’re interested in a base/starter theme for building your own custom WordPress themes, check out Hybrid Base. It’s also useful for learning how the Hybrid Core framework works.

In the past week, three Theme Hybrid members have contributed awesome free (and responsive) themes back to the site: Shell, Spine, and Satu.

I released a new portfolio plugin and theme on Theme Hybrid today. Check them out. I’m also using a custom version of the theme here on this site now.

Three Theme Hybrid members have each released a $free theme built from my Hybrid Core framework over the past month: Cakifo, Path, and Uridimmu.