Note: Keep in mind that this is a story from my youth. Yes, it is supposed to lack any kind of earth logic. This is from the mind of a child. Read on, if you dare.

It was a hot day in the summer there were picnics everywhere the swimming pool was crowded with people and hadn’t had a case in a long time it would soon be dark. I said to myslf I better get ready for tonight. I rushed to my office to get extra ammo, by the time I got there, there he was Claws he had done killed Mr. Beasly there was blood everywhere I ran and ran I hid somewhere nearby I stayed awake all night long. The next night there was a dinner party and I was invited. When I drove up there were police everywhere I went to get the details I got em all right. I went home and had a good nights rest. I woke up the next day it was late 9:00 A.M. I was five minutes late when i got to the office. The cheif was mad, I was supposed to get some details on Mr. Beaslys murder, But Mike did it for me so I didn’t do nothing, but try to get clues from all the murder scenes it had turned dark I needed some milk. So I went to the store Claws everyone shouted. I said get down, and I shot Claws twice while he was running out the door. He killed two people and injure three. That very night I got to thinking about Claws was everywhere I went I said he must be after me. I got up early the next morning to go to work. I got to work noone was there, but thee was a note that said to go to the waffle house so I went. When I got there there was Claws, of course it was still dark. Claws started changing into a man. He ran away. I had just figured out Claws was a man that turned into a monster and killed at night the next place he will probably strike again was the Air Force Reserve, because he always knows where I’ll be and when, and he’s always there on time. I’ll be at the Air Force REserve all day on another murder case by Claws. it was dark I was ready for Claws. Someone shouted look out Katie I turned around and pulled my gun there was Claws running toward me I shot him one time he dove for me I moved out of the way he landed face first on the ground I shot him six more times, and he got up and ran away one guy got scraped across the face, everybody left. I had jus figured out that Mr. mcalaster was never anywhere and he’s always asking me where I’m going. I will investigate tomorrow just before dark. I woke up this morning. The phone was ringing and I answered it someone said your dead Katie, and hung up. Lucky I traced the call. It was Mr. Mcalaster’s address. I just new He was Claws, and I had to prove it. The next night I went to his house, he was in his bedroom I was at his window. He started to chane I got it all on tape, but there was one problem he started running after meand burst through the window, I had backup cops though he was still changing, everyone shot at him. The monster was still alive. We locked him up in the jail but the next morning he was gone. He was a tough one. Cops Went to Mr. Mcalaster’s house it was destroyed, noone was there. He had vanished but the case hadn’t. The next day I went to my brothers house it was darkwhen I got he lives in South Carolina. Jake was dead. Where is Claws? I heard someone shout help, it was his wife. She was murdered by the time I got there Claws was gone. There funeral would be two days from now I’d better not got any relatives house because they will be dead when I get there. It’ll be hard to relax on vaction with a big case around the nation, but I will go to Florida. I got to Florida the next day, and got a motel for the night I went to the shore and a tan and swam some it was about dark. I went to the motel. I heard someone scream I went outside there was a woman dead. Where is Claws? Then suddenly a bunch of people came running out Claws was running after them he caught two men and killed them. Cops, Army men, and ambulances. They were all there but Claws was gone. I couldn’t sleep all night. The next I came home my sister was dead on the floor. Claws got her today is my brother’s funeral. I had to get there it was almost dark. When I got there Claws would strike and they had army men in cars outside and they were prepared. Claws someone shouted. Claws killed him. Everyone was shooting, but Claws disappeared. We thought we had him. I had to pick my niece up from school. I new Claws would strike there. Because it was night, she had a party. Claws had killed some kids and parents when I got there he had done left. He did not kill my niece so I took her home to her parents thanked me for bringing her home. It was a rough night for me because inasent people were getting killed. I had just figured out something Joe was just getting revenge on me, because he almost died when we were fighting when we was kids. The next day I went to my office the Chief told me they had Joe locked up, went to talk to him a cop was dead and Joe was gone. Tonight James Hershel will be holding a trick show at Hershel Lake. When I got there James was daead and the trick performers and Claws was killing another person but she didn’t die. Claws ran away. The next day I was gonna stay at the office with everybody else. That very night Claws came. We started shooting at him. He started running out the door, but there was a cannon there and someone shot him with it and he died. All the people were celebrating with a big party.