Trapped In His Life

Life begins. Spring, the birth of all things. I hear music. An old tattered piano. Off-key. But tunes of old, with added side melodies not typically heard anywhere else in the world. I step across the newly tiled floors in the refurbished kitchen of my old home. Louder. I stand … Continue reading →

House of Hypocrites

We sat down at the dinner table, the three of us. Some concoction of rice and beef lay steaming on potholders. We were using the real plates tonight because we ran out of paper ones. “Will you say the blessing with us?” I looked up and declined very calmly. She … Continue reading →

Tortured Artist

I’m a tortured artist without vitality.Color has lost its hue, it’s only darkness.I’m a fallen angel without a paradise.Eden has lost its innocence and beauty.I exist only through blank pages of an empty void consumed only by meaningless matter. Written: June 20, 2005 … Continue reading →