The Life of a Journalist

Jack Smith, former newspaper editor and reporter, tells prospective high school students what working in journalism was like for him.

He'll Always Be Papa

This is who my grandfather is and who he will always be for me. He inches slyly toward me, hiding something in his hand. I am sitting on the floor of the living room, leaning against a recliner. Bending slightly at the hips and knees, he lowers himself enough to … Continue reading →

I Was Sixteen

Oh how sweet that year had been to me. I was climaxing toward the cloudy mountain in my love life. There were mounds of girls and a few more. I played the game with a passion. My standards were always kept high as I carelessly rummaged through the pack one … Continue reading →

Fading Away

“Speak up where I can hear you damnit.” Eugene slammed his tan tote bag on the floor. “You’re supposed to be in bed Eugene,” I try to be commanding, but gentle. “I got to go on my route.” His bushy brows squeezed over the hazel plastic frames of his glasses. … Continue reading →

A Silent Blogosphere Remembers the Virginia Tech Victims

Today, one man asked for a day of silence in the blogosphere. It has been dubbed One Day Blog Silence. Steli Efti, a 24-year-old high school principal, created in response to the Virginia Tech shootings on April 16. The blogosphere’s response – uproar. The very idea of blogging is … Continue reading →

The Tiger Taxi Guy

Written: February 2007 It is late on a weekend night. Groups of college students are busily rushing into the limited number of taxis to get home. Streetlights in downtown Auburn are bouncing off the orange of Kevin McCarley’s taxi. His work shift is about to get exciting. A group of … Continue reading →

Bedtime Adventures

Jerry Sibley does away with the classic bedtime tales and offers new adventures of a youngster named Harley Earle.

A New Hardwood Floor

I grabbed one side of the blanket as Garrett, my friend who decided to visit for the weekend, grabbed the other. Our plan was simple, pick up the blanket that was a holding place for three one-gallon cans of paint, paintbrushes, light bulb covers, and several random screws. I just … Continue reading →

An Early Start

The following is a 10-week ethnographic study that follows two southern Alabama families. The paper focuses on each family’s three-year-old boy as he grows up in a fast-paced, ever-changing society where literacy is paramount. Written in the fall of 2005. Introduction The Wilsons The Peavys Conclusion Why do Bradey and … Continue reading →

How Much More Can We Take

I got my first computer seven months ago. I was then ignorant to the world of free music I was living in. My roommate downloaded the Imesh software for me. This bit of software, which took up little space on my hard drive and maybe a half hour to download, … Continue reading →