Keepin it real
Since da first day I knew u were the raw deal
I’d been livin life jus’ tryin 2 chill
Til I wolke up n saw I wuz still
Let n nother’ day go by
Without sumone 2 hold at night
2 open doors 4 n treat her right
Or sumone 2 kiss goodbye
Or hold while starin up n da sky
Then I realized
I can’t go on without yo’ luv n my life
Now I’ll let it b known
Don’t let luv catch u slippin
Cuz 1 day it might b gone

Things have changed now
I decided I’m not lettin down
On wut could b my world
I just knew u were dat girl
Who would make me undastand
Life’s not worth livin if u don’t give a damn
My play days r ova’
I turned from a tru mack to a fresh luver
They say I lost my game
It don’t matta’, cuz playin ain’t a thang
No mo’, My heart’s taken
Dis is a new me n da makin
Goin from big time rollin
To knowin my heart’s been stolen
Even I can’t undastand
Why I’d rather jus’ hold ur hand
But I guess I just need sum affection
This is from my heart
Who’s sendin u a message

Tho’ it’s plain 2 c
Ur not lookin at me
N ur heart doesn’t come 4 free
But all I want is ur company
4get da silver chains
4get da gold rangs
I’m all bout da change
C dat look on yo’ face
My feelings can’t b erased
Gonna hold ur heart 1 day
I’ve learned my lesson
No turnin back, no question

They say I’m a fool
But people r cruel
All I know, is I got a thang 4 u
My luv is 4 real
I’ll make u a deal
If I can b by ur side
N let me make things right
4ever n tru
I give u my life

Written: Sometime in 2001