Softball Girl

Last weekend, I finished reading The Master Guide to Drawing Anime: How to Draw Original Characters from Simple Templates. I didn’t find the book particularly helpful in terms of actually teaching the technical aspects of drawing. However, it had tons of great artwork to browse through. So, I decided … Continue reading

Now This Is Art

Ninth grade. Geez, that was years ago. More specifically, it was the spring of 1998. I was a 13-year-old kid (almost 14) who had entered his first school-wide art competition. It was the culmination of everything I had learned over two semesters of art class. I knew I would not win the … Continue reading

City: Two-Point Perspective

The past three night’s drawing sessions have been dedicated to learning two-point perspective. Of course, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to take a tutorial on drawing a city. Not a simple living room. Not a kitchen in an apartment. A city. A whole city. Needless to say, I … Continue reading

Scenery Sketch #1

I didn’t have a lot of time to work on drawing today because my sister and niece are staying over. Still, I took a few minutes to quickly sketch out a small landscape scene. It’s not great work, but I need all the practice I can get.

Manga Girl #2

Day #2 of practicing drawing. Once again, I followed another tutorial on drawing a female manga character. The biggest things I need to work on is making more sweeping lines for hair and getting far, far better at inking. Of course, it’d help to have pens for inking. So, I … Continue reading

Manga Girl #1

It seems that my journey into learning to paint has rekindled my love of drawing once again. Throughout my childhood and teen years, I loved to doodle and draw. However, into adulthood, I allowed my skills to wane. Now, I am back at it. The current plan is to learn … Continue reading

Fluid Painting #1: Colorful Feather

Yesterday, I decided to dive back into more abstract work with my first “acrylic pour.” This is a type of fluid art where the artist does not have 100% control. It uses acrylic paints mixed with a pouring medium to create a runny consistency. There are various ways to lay down … Continue reading

2022 Goals

As I like to do every January 1, I am posting my goals for the new year. Over the past few years, I have had some hits and misses. However, I have always felt like I made good on my promise to pursue any first-of-the-year plans shared here on the blog … Continue reading

2021: A Year of Art

Another year. Another 365 rotations of this insignificant rock revolving around a glowing ball of nuclear fusion. It is merely one of billions in the Milky Way, a blip on the cosmic scale amongst its trillions of brethren. But, it is my tiny little rock, and I happen to like it … Continue reading

Acrylic Painting #6: Country Sunset

This was my first time really trying to paint clouds. I’ve done a few abstractions of clouds but not individual ones. I thought it would be easy — and it was once I learned the technique. However, I had to make a lot of mistakes along the way. So, there … Continue reading