Justin Tadlock

Blogging To Blog

I guess I’m just blogging to blog. Not any particular thing going on, except I need to get some sleep because I’ve got to get up and be at work at 10:00. Well, there is a few things going on, but honestly, I just don’t feel like typing it down in this little text area.

I did work on my novel tonight. I started writing chapter 3, and I just didn’t feel inspired. Plus, I was feeling kind of sleepy. I managed 2 written pages. Not much, but I have an idea of where to go with it. For those of you of have been keeping up, Chapter 3 will be entitled About The Creeks. I’m gonna go into the history of the town and maybe open up a few surprises. So, get ready. Hopefully, I’ll have it done Saturday night. So, until next time…