Documentation is like sex: when it is good, it is very, very good; and when it is bad, it is better than nothing. Dick Brandon … Continue reading →

I'll Return To The Blogosphere Soon

Yes, that’s right. I’ll be back to blogging very, very soon. Life’s just been non-stop this week. I’ve probably had, at most, an hour of downtime today. I’ve been going since 5:30 this morning. A good part of tomorrow will be the same, but I should have a few minutes … Continue reading →

I’ll be leaving town for a few days for Spring Break, so don’t expect any new blog posts until Monday or Tuesday. Until then, take a look around the site, visit some of my links, or read old posts from the archives.

Temporary Solution To My Internet Problem

For those of you who read my post How To Deal With Internet Frustration the other day, you know that I’ve had problems with my Internet going out. Well, I must take back my threats to Charter Communications. Maybe. For the last few days, my connection has went out only … Continue reading →

How To Deal With Internet Frustration

I wanted to write a review of James Patterson’s Maximum Ride: School’s Out — Forever, but I had a slight problem. My Internet connection kept going out. Every 5 minutes or so, I’d have to remove the computer from my lap, get off the bed, walk into the next room, … Continue reading →

Happy Birthday Papa!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Or, I should say Happy Birthday Papa! Today is my grandfather’s birthday. I’m not really sure how old he is. Sixty-something. And he has the easiet birthday in my family to remember. So, I have no excuses if I forget to call. I finally got him on … Continue reading →

Books To Read, Time, & Farewell Until After Christmas

I can’t believe I forgot about my Thursday Thirteen. I guess it’s a little late to do it now. I got wrapped up watching Season 1 of Weeds. It’s been a while since I’ve watched it. Then, I finished reading James Patterson’s Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment. I’ll have to … Continue reading →