Temporary Solution To My Internet Problem

For those of you who read my post How To Deal With Internet Frustration the other day, you know that I’ve had problems with my Internet going out. Well, I must take back my threats to Charter Communications. Maybe.

For the last few days, my connection has went out only twice. And I think I know why.

I had a sort of epiphany the other day after trying to figure out how to get this whole connection problem fixed. So, I tested the connection without my TiVo hooked up (it’s wired and my computer is wireless). That worked for a day. The next day, I reconnected the TiVo, and 5 minutes later, my connection was lost.

The other time I lost connection was just a random event.

So, I’ve been testing the connection without the TiVo connected for about four days. Everything’s been working fine.

I haven’t tested all the variables yet though. It might not be my TiVo’s connection. It could be any wired connection. It could be a mixture of wireless and wired messing it up. I’ll need to test it with another computer and my X-Box 360.

When I lived here a couple of years ago, we always had problems. We were using a different router then. While using the router I have now at the last place I lived, we had two computers and two X-Box 360s connected to it. We only lost connection about once a week, which I think is reasonable.

So, I’m not letting Charter completely off the hook just yet. I still think it’s a problem with the service at this particular place. At least I’ve found a temporary solution. But, the TiVo has to be connected to know what time to record my TV shows.

I know this isn’t the most exciting thing to read about, but it’s all I’ve got tonight. I’ve updated Books In Bed with this week’s bestseller lists. Also, I finally uploaded Wordpress 2.1.2. The AJAX in my admin panel wasn’t working with 2.1.1 for some reason. I didn’t realize this until I saw how things worked on my Books In Bed admin panel. Everything’s working great now.

Anyone else been having difficulties with the Internet lately?