Revealing my secret plan

Finally, after an entire year, I get to reveal what I’ve been working for since I’ve been living and working in Korea. This will be a new chapter in my life, and I hope you will join me.

Blogging Exhaustion

It’s been one of those days. Or, rather, it’s been a few of those days. I’m sure you’ve all had a stretch of days in which you’ve just felt like giving up, or a few days that you didn’t feel like blogging or dealing with other people at all. You … Continue reading →

Creative Control: Flash Video Player Plugin

I finally found the perfect flash video player: Flash Video Player Plugin for WordPress. This thing has more options than anything I’ve ever seen. It even lets you add a logo over the video. I particularly like the floating controls it offers. Plus, everything can be overwritten for each video … Continue reading →

WordPress Peace, Not WordPress War

If you follow WordPress theme designer blogs then there’s probably little chance that you’ve missed the big showdown happening between Small Potato (WP Designer) and Adii. I’ve followed both of these young designers since they’ve been designing WordPress themes and consider both to be at the top of the WordPress … Continue reading →

Moving To Firefox

I’m now a member of the legions of Firefox users. Yep, you heard that right. I finally broke down and changed browsers. The event, or series of the same event, that caused this sudden change has to do with Internet Explorer 7. First off, I would like to say that … Continue reading →

My Favorite Spammers

As any good blogger knows, spam is evil. They also know that if you break into Technorati’s top 1,000,000 list, then Akismet’s Spam Blocker is a necessity. Today, however, I’m going to honor my favorite spammers by giving them a front page post. They spend a lot of time around … Continue reading →

Favorite 7 Songs

I actually found it quite hard to narrow this list down to seven songs. Just when I think I’m through, I remember another song I want on this list. I’ve made up my mind though. Almost every song on here is a song I can sit back and relax to. … Continue reading →

Top 5 TV Shows

This week over at Mundane Monday we’re listing our Top 5 TV Shows. Anyone who knows me, will understand that this is a hard decision because I have 100+ TV series on DVD. However, they also know that there’s a few shows that will always be my favorites. So, here’s … Continue reading →

Attack Of The Email Forward!

This past week I found this picture waiting in my inbox from my Uncle David. So, I decided to use it for this week’s Mundane Monday: Attack of the Email Forward! You can join in the game at Mundane Monday, a new meme for bloggers to participate in. … Continue reading →

5 Things I Love/Hate About Monday

I’ll be doing “5 Things I Hate About Monday” because it’s just easier. You can join in the game at Mundane Monday, a new meme for bloggers to participate in. Waking up early. This week more so because I've been lazy for a week during my Spring Break. Realizing that … Continue reading →