My Favorite Spammers

As any good blogger knows, spam is evil. They also know that if you break into Technorati’s top 1,000,000 list, then Akismet’s Spam Blocker is a necessity.

Today, however, I’m going to honor my favorite spammers by giving them a front page post. They spend a lot of time around here constantly trying to break through Akismet’s powerful barrier. They deserve a little link love for their efforts. I’ve included their e-mail, URL, and IP addresses (although I’m not sure if they’re actually real). Feel free to spam these people.

Click links at your own risk!

  1. The Anti-Spammer

    The Anti-Spammer is always willing to help me get rid of spam by emailing my domain name to an email address that he leaves. Yeah, like I'm going to send out my domain name to several more spammers. Let me open Outlook Express right now [insert sarcastic smiley]. The Anti-Spammer goes under several aliases, such as Alexlol, Alexpms, Alexfu, and many more.
    Alexevi | | | IP:

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  2. The Dummy

    The Dummy is one of my regulars. Apparently, he can't understand any of my articles though, but he's always willing to do more research. Although he's a spammer, I applaud his efforts to try and break through Akismet's iron wall. I often look forward to seeing which articles he tried to understand each day and often feel the need to explain in more detail what I blogged about.
    Daniel | | | IP:

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  3. The Researcher

    The Researcher is another regular that's always ready for some research, but he's always got to wait until some random day next week when he's off. The thing I like most about the Researcher is he always thinks I have "an interesting read." At least someone enjoys my blog posts. The Researcher goes under many aliases also—Peter, Johnny, Debbie, and more.
    Designer Dude | | | IP:

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  4. The Quickie

    At first, I thought Quickie was a great spammer. He always commended me on my great posts. Sadly though, he wasn't offering much to the overall conversation. He just pops in and out a few times a day to give me the same thing he always gives me, leaving me far less than satisfied. I have to say that I'm a little disappointed in your efforts Quickie. If only you would try just a little harder, put a little more effort in. | | | IP:

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  5. The Drug Lord

    I won't bother fixing Drug Lord's links since he is too lazy to switch his spam posts between blogs and forums. I had to cut off a bit of his comment because I'm fairly certain he listed 100 links or so. I'm just trying to figure out why so many people would need this much tramadol. It's beyond me. Drug Lord, could you please explain? (The Drug Lord also sells phentermine, xanax, and vicodin.)
    zaraswok | | IP:

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  6. The Loan Officer

    If the Loan Officer gave away as much money as he's giving away on my blog, his company would be bankrupt within the first week. Apparently, they have this stuff stockpiled somewhere. It wouldn't hurt for them to throw a little money into our educational and health care systems, since we have none.
    Cash Advance | | | IP:

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  7. The Gambler

    I feel inclined to help the Gambler by putting his comment on the front page because I think he probably loses more money than he gains. He always says he's had a "lucky day," but I think he's a little embarrased about his financial needs. I can get a pretty good read on people though. I do believe that if he did in fact have a "lucky day" that he wouldn't feel the need to spam my site. So, please, click on his link.
    Blackjack Guru | | | IP:

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  8. The Red-Carpet Maniac

    This week it's Vanessa Hudgens. It was Britney Spears and Paris Hilton in previous weeks. I can't wait to see who the Red-Carpet Maniac is rolling out next week. Maybe Arielle Kebbel or Morena Baccarin. I don't get enough spam about them. Send me a couple of links, and maybe I'll check those out.
    SmeaxiaNamb | | | IP:

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  9. The Pornstar

    The spammer of every 14-year-old bloggers wet dream and every parents nightmare—The Pornstar. His links could do some serious damage to your Internet Explorer. You may never get rid of the pop-ups. Before you decide to reboot your computer, you may have 11 new programs installed. He offers everything from trannies to foot fetish to cartoon love.
    Gissensesig | | IP:

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There you have it. My favorite spammers. Do you have any spammers of your own that visit your site regularly? Please don’t include links. I have enough of those.