My Favorite Spammers

As any good blogger knows, spam is evil. They also know that if you break into Technorati’s top 1,000,000 list, then Akismet’s Spam Blocker is a necessity. Today, however, I’m going to honor my favorite spammers by giving them a front page post. They spend a lot of time around … Continue reading →

I'll Return To The Blogosphere Soon

Yes, that’s right. I’ll be back to blogging very, very soon. Life’s just been non-stop this week. I’ve probably had, at most, an hour of downtime today. I’ve been going since 5:30 this morning. A good part of tomorrow will be the same, but I should have a few minutes … Continue reading →

Celebrating My 300th Post!

Today is a very special day in this site’s history. It is my 300th blog post. One might be led to ask, “Why is 300 so special?” Okay, it’s nothing great, really. I’ve just been counting the posts until I reached this point. A couple of months ago, I realized … Continue reading →