Celebrating My 300th Post!

Today is a very special day in this site’s history. It is my 300th blog post.

One might be led to ask, “Why is 300 so special?”

Okay, it’s nothing great, really. I’ve just been counting the posts until I reached this point. A couple of months ago, I realized I had quite a few posts, and I told myself I was going to celebrate when I hit 300. That’s pretty much the whole reasoning behind this. Plus, I was mad at myself for not posting on my one-year anniversary of using Wordpress last May. So, I had to make up some kind of blogging milestone to hit.

Here’s some other moments in this site’s blogging history:

Feel free to browse the archives to see what all I’ve blogged about in the last few years. However, I must warn you to not go too far back. Some of those posts are scary, even to me.