Happy Birthday Papa!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Or, I should say Happy Birthday Papa!

Today is my grandfather’s birthday. I’m not really sure how old he is. Sixty-something. And he has the easiet birthday in my family to remember. So, I have no excuses if I forget to call.

I finally got him on the phone at around 9:15 tonight to give him birthday wishes. This was after several tries. It was one of the longer conversations we’ve had in a while. I usually talk to Granny for hours on end. Papa and I usually only have sports to talk about, and that doesn’t leave for much of a conversation.

I do cherish these rare moments when we get into a conversation about things other than sports, even though I enjoy those also. We simply talked about life in general. Well, mostly about my plans after college. He also told me his Uncle Jim, who is 81 years old, only has two months to a year to live because of his third bout with cancer.

Mostly, it was a good conversation. It seems to me that my grandparents would sometimes get bored when I start talking about school, work, and my future because I have to explain half of the things I’m talking about. But, they bear though the conversation. I think they probably enjoy it though.

Anyway, Happy 6?th Papa!

You can read He’ll Always Be Papa, an article I wrote for Grandparents’ Day last fall.