No Time Left For Blogging

Once again, I’m late getting back in bed. My nap ran over almost two hours. I was supposed to sleep from 8 p.m. until 11 p.m., but I didn’t get up until 12:40. Now, I’m stuck with no time left for blogging. I need to be hitting the important topics … Continue reading →

Awaiting Halo 2 LAN Party

For some reason I couldn’t manage to get in my nap tonight. I tried at 5:00, 7:00, and 9:00, all without success. Now, I’m up way too late, finishing up little things that I need to take care of, like a short story, this blog, and posting my Halo 2 … Continue reading →

Deciding On My Fall TV Lineup

As mentioned in my post Fall TV On DVD, fall TV is upon us. I’m currently trying to decide what shows I’m going to watch this upcoming season, and I need to make a decision soon. Right now, I have four shows on my list: Smallville: Thursday, September 28, 7:00 … Continue reading →

First Blog From My Parents' Home

Hey, I’m actually blogging from my parents’ house. How cool is that? Four years ago they couldn’t manage to get a computer in the house for their bright young high school graduate. Now, they have, not only a computer and internet, but wireless. The world has changed a bit in … Continue reading →

Missing My Wordpress Anniversary

I’m going to visit the folks today. So, I won’t be around to celebrate my one year Wordpress anniversary that started with Still Finding Style way back on May 13, 2005. Oh well, maybe I can celebrate it when I get back on Monday. Until then, enjoy the site. Look … Continue reading →

Searching, Cleaning, & Gatsby

I’ve been searching my brain for something to write about tonight. I moved some shelves over and peeked through some almost forgotten drawers, and I still haven’t found anything that is worth posting here to the world. What is it with me and the mind and brain analogies for the … Continue reading →

Birthday Gifts From Tim & Amy

So, go ahead and ask me, “Did you study tonight, Justin?”I’ll go ahead and tell you, “I didn’t.”“Why?”“There’s a million reasons why. But there’s no excuse, no justification.” Since I didn’t study tonight I don’t have time to leave much of a post because I’m going to have to get … Continue reading →

235 Pounds & Chewacla

Yes, I know that I have been lazy about writing in this little area, and that this statement is being used more frequently. But, I have other things to do. Like school, for instance. Or working out. Most of my blogging has actually went toward the Body For Lifers’ Message … Continue reading →

95 AP Style Test Score

Here I am. On the raggedy edge. No, not really. I’m just thinking. And the thing is, is I don’t know what I’m thinking about. My mind is just wandering from place to place, from village to village inside this (insert unreadable biology word here) network of memories and thoughts … Continue reading →