Searching, Cleaning, & Gatsby

I’ve been searching my brain for something to write about tonight. I moved some shelves over and peeked through some almost forgotten drawers, and I still haven’t found anything that is worth posting here to the world. What is it with me and the mind and brain analogies for the last two days? I guess they keep coming up.

Honestly, the most exciting thing I’ve done for the last couple of days is work on this site. Fix up a bit of CSS here, make some cleaner XHTML there, and I’m basically back to where I started, at least as far as the outward appearance of the site goes.

I’ve been reading The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald since last night, if that’s worth any discussion. I was actually supposed to read it back in high school as part of our summer reading project. But, I was anti-summer reading back then. I always said the school had no right to give students assignments during the summer. They could do that when the bell rang on that first day in August. I still hold to that view too, but I’m definitely not anti-reading. I love books. I mean, I am an English major. If I didn’t enjoy books to some extent, I would think I’d be in the wrong department.

That’s about as far as my blogging skills will allow me to go tonight. Surely, tomorrow my avid readers will have something worth reading. I think they will.