Birthday Gifts From Tim & Amy

So, go ahead and ask me, “Did you study tonight, Justin?”
I’ll go ahead and tell you, “I didn’t.”
“There’s a million reasons why. But there’s no excuse, no justification.”

Since I didn’t study tonight I don’t have time to leave much of a post because I’m going to have to get up and study in the morning for my final exams, which just so happen to be tomorrow.

Tim and Amy, stopped by this afternoon and gave me a few gifts for my birthday. Amy gave me two books, Letting the Body Lead by Jenn Crowell and Emily Dickinson: Collected Poems. From Tim I got The Shakespeare Collection on DVD, which features A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Titus, and Romeo & Juliet. Why, Amy, did you have to get me books? There’s barely any space left in slot on my bookshelf for books that I haven’t read yet. Really, I’m always interested in getting new books. My summer reading list is never-ending. And I’m always up for new films to add to my DVD collection. Of course, I have a few DVDs on a gonna-watch-sometime-list also.

There you have it. Nothing special to post tonight. Oh yeah, if you’re wondering whether Mary Ethel called back, she didn’t. That could’ve been another fun story to tell. I guess she wasn’t drinking tonight.