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  1. Les
    Les Published |

    And then there are times when I am really glad I am not back in school 😉 Nice paper though!! I just so don’t miss writting those!!!

    Stopping by via Michele this morning!

  2. Grins
    Grins Published |

    I really enjoyed reading that. I don’t say ain’t most likely because my father gave many grammar lections and such when we were growing up. But after moving to the south when I was 11 I do say ya’ll to this day. You should share this piece with your professor if you haven’t already. I’m betting he’d enjoy it and be touched you thought enough to share it. Thanks for the visit this morning.

  3. Justin
    Justin Published |

    We have to do these things called Think Pieces for Dr. Roozen during the semester. They’re usually about a half page to a page in length on whatever we had to read for that day. I just particularly liked doing this one. My professor said he enjoyed reading it also.

    Les, these kinds of papers are the funnest ones to write if you ask me. They’re just little subjective pieces on what we thought about the reading. They let us openly explore. This is one of my favorite kinds of writing assignments.

  4. keda
    keda Published |

    sweetie i really enjoyed reading this post.
    i loved your think piece. i also love using ‘me and ****’ and loads of other ‘vernacular’ as we’d say in blighty! but i am also very glad that i learnt to do things ‘correctly’ so that now i can abuse the rules knowingly. i love that your prof. is cool enough to make you think and question and help you to gain your own confidence. i’d quite like to be set papers like that again! being forced to think is always good! and (see how i did that!) though i’m here via michele tonight i think i may stop by again to see how much you learn from the old biddy and her English friend! we don’t only use aint but innit is substituted for a full stop whenever possible* know wot i mean? biddy would be shocked.

  5. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Well, I don’t work for the lady anymore, but not because of this incident. So, she won’t be correcting my language anytime soon. This happened last fall. I just so happened to have the opportunity to write about for class.

  6. shane
    shane Published |

    ~michele sent me


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