Post-Graduation Week

I graduated last week — Thursday, May 10. It was one of the most boring experiences of my life. I don’t even remember half the ceremony. I may have fell asleep a few times. I happened not to sleep the night before. I was just so wired. But, when that … Continue reading →

My Last Day Of Class

Today was my last day of class in college, at least until I eventually come back. It’s also the day before my birthday. I thought about not blogging today in remembrance of the Virginia Tech victims, and participating in One Day Blog Silence. Well, I’ve been silent long enough since … Continue reading →

Sometimes You Gotta Say, "What The F-Bomb"

Or, as Joel’s dad mentions, “Sometime’s you just gotta say, ‘What the heck.’” Today I said it. Well, I said what Joel’s dad said. I just don’t think the F-bomb rolls off my countrified tongue as nice. “What the heck” is much more poetic, don’t you think? Have to write … Continue reading →

Thursday 13 - I Do/Don't Like This Semester

I don't like that I had to buy two copies of Wuthering Heights for The 19th Century British Novel. The on-campus bookstore should've had the correct version to start with. I do like my Bible as Literature class. There's way too much homework, but I enjoy learning new things about … Continue reading →

Brontë & The Tiger Cubs

I honestly do not have enough hours in the day. I still have two chapters left to read in my QuarkXpress training book for Editing & Design. I simply don’t have time to read them. Well, I guess I could be reading them now. But, if I wasn’t typing right … Continue reading →

I Live My Life For The Weekend

I think I’ve heard something to this effect before. And that’s what my life is all about. I live five days a week, only in anticipation for two. Believe me, my weekends are nothing to get excited about. But, I wait for them anyway. I usually sit around and watch … Continue reading →

Official Week Of Book Reviews

It’s been a long day thus far, and I’m ready to fall out or fall into bed. I’m writing mostly because I need to get back into a writing mode. Fairly soon, I’ll have tons of papers for school, and I’ll need to get back into that mode to do … Continue reading →

Justin Tadlock On Writing

This is a little something I wrote to help me out with a presentation in Fiction Writing I. I gave each student in the class a copy of this and a copy of “Claws.” My teacher actually asked me if she could use this to show other classes. Interview With … Continue reading →

Here’s a neat video to watch that was posted in one of my Technology, Literacy, & Culture WebCT discussions: Caroline Ting: RAM. We’re discussing Ray Kurzweil’s The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology. So, the video definitely goes along with that.

Fiction Writing, Cell Phone GPS, & Narnia

It’s been a long two days. And I’m not even through with the stuff that I was supposed to have done today. Well, the only thing I have left to do is finish my short story for Fiction Writing I. I was determined to finish it today, but I simply … Continue reading →