I Live My Life For The Weekend

I think I’ve heard something to this effect before. And that’s what my life is all about. I live five days a week, only in anticipation for two.

Believe me, my weekends are nothing to get excited about. But, I wait for them anyway. I usually sit around and watch a TV season of something on DVD. Maybe I’ll get to work on the website (which I hope to do this weekend). Maybe I’ll check the mail, but it’s not likely. Or, wash clothes. I haven’t performed that essential chore in about three weeks. I’m actually surprised that I’ve had enough pairs of boxers to last this long. And socks. I think I’m down to the last two or three in each of those categories of clothing items.

Looks like I’ll be washing clothes this weekend.

Why do we, or at least I, live for the weekend? Maybe we hate what we have to do during the week?

I know I hate going to school and work. But, I really don’t. I actually like parts of school. I actually like my paycheck and the people I work with. I don’t like tons of homework and some of my classes. I don’t like looking at books for hours on end working in the “stacks” at the library.

Maybe if I could just get rid of the parts of school that I don’t like. For example, transfer from The 19th Century British Novel to Fiction Writing II. Get my Bible as Literature professor to only give one hour of homework a night instead of two or three. Give my Introduction to Ethics professor a complete character change. I’m not sure what I could do about the library though. I do like my paycheck.

What if I could just correct those few problems? Would I be happier with my week? Probably not.

Maybe I live only to complain.

My real complaint is time. If only the day was 30 hours long, and nothing else changed. Standard workday still eight hours. Standard amount of sleep required still eight hours. And just leave me with an extra six hours to do what I please.

Would that make me happier? Probably not. I’d complain that the week is too long.

The weekend isn’t getting here fast enough.