4 Full Pages & A Bible Thumper

I sit here, well past my bedtime and wonder if I should finish off my 5-6 page paper, the one that now stands at a full 4 pages, tonight or wait until I’m a little fresher, by way of a few hours of sleep, tomorrow. I’ll probably wait until tomorrow … Continue reading →

Cookies & Wasted Time

I deleted my cookies and almost forgot my user name to get into this thing. Luckily, with a stroke of luck, something struck in my mind and I just happened to remember it. I said I might post tonight, and here it is. I didn’t get around to working on … Continue reading →

Book Wish List & Boring School Post

Yet another day comes to an end. And what do I have to show for it? Not much. I did put together this nifty little Book Wish List for anyone who’s interested in helping me out in the way of purchasing one or some of these for me. I want … Continue reading →

Useless Day. Down The Drain. Blah Blah, Woof Woof!

One more useless day down the drain. And Blah Blah, Woof Woof! Just a little throwback to Dark Angel. Okay, I’m losing my readers already. I put together a rough, and when I say rough I mean something like chicken scratch on sticky notes kind of rough, draft of my … Continue reading →

Monotony, Deathbed, & The Flow Of Writing

Once again, another same-ol’-run-of-the-mill-montonous-average-day for Justin Tadlock. Good news? Last day of work at the library this week! Now, if that ain’t exciting I don’t know what is.Okay, so I went through my usual Wednesday routine: 7:30 - Crawl out of bed. 8:30 - Leave for school. 9:00 - Advanced … Continue reading →

The Book Club, Newsletter, & I Wanna Be A Poem

Yet again, another long day. Complete. Finished. As soon as this blog is over and done. I finally got through with my reading, for tonight, with The Picture of Dorian Gray and White Teeth for my Gothic and Contemporary British Literature classes, respectively. Both have been enjoyable reads so far. … Continue reading →

Dark Stream, Literacy, & The Letter-Graded Essay

I’ve made a new site design! If your current design is still loading up as the Summertime theme, then you can change to the new design by clicking on this link: Dark Stream DesignOr just click the picture: I’ve also updated the Literacy Project. So go check that out. Hopefully. … Continue reading →

A Little Post For September

It’s been a long few weeks.And let me emphasize LONG.Two weeks ago I had 2 papers and a presentation. (Although the presentation wasn’t graded)The next week I had 2 more papers due.And now, just Wednesday, I had a wisdom tooth cut out (stitches are to be taken out next Wednesday) … Continue reading →