Dark Stream, Literacy, & The Letter-Graded Essay

I’ve made a new site design! If your current design is still loading up as the Summertime theme, then you can change to the new design by clicking on this link: Dark Stream Design
Or just click the picture:

Dark Stream skin.

I’ve also updated the Literacy Project. So go check that out. Hopefully. And again, I say, “Hopefully,” I’ll have this thing completely up and running by the end of next weekend. I’ve put up some videos and a few notes that I typed up in Notepad. But, other than that, I haven’t had the time to just sit and work on the site, which, I could’ve done if I hadn’t been updating my main site this weekend. But, I needed a change from the Summertime theme. I mean, it is Autumn, of course. And the name of the website is Dark Autumn. So, I figured, I needed something that would look good for the season.

Here’s an update, also, on how I’m doing in school, specifically for all of you who take an interest in that sort of thing.

  • Advanced Composition: Paper 1 (A)
  • Modern Drama: Paper 1 (B), Quiz Average (86)
  • Cont. British Lit.: Paper 1 (C+), Quiz Average (90)
  • The Gothic: Paper 1 (B-), Reading Response Average (80)

And that’s how I’m doing. I kind of like how my upper-level English teachers really don’t put a number on essays. They just put a letter. Because, essays aren’t meant to have a number. There’s too many questions and opinions on what makes a paper a good paper. But, if you put a letter grade on my essay, I know I haven’t been represented by just a number. Actually, it’s kind of hard for me to explain my thoughts on the number-graded paper versus the letter-graded paper. It just becomes a jumbled mess, when trying to do so.

One other side note: I’ve added some stuff in the writings section of the site. So, if you’re interested, and want to further befuddle your mind with the inner-workings of Justin Tadlock’s mind, go see what you can make of it.