How To Deal With Internet Frustration

I wanted to write a review of James Patterson’s Maximum Ride: School’s Out — Forever, but I had a slight problem. My Internet connection kept going out. Every 5 minutes or so, I’d have to remove the computer from my lap, get off the bed, walk into the next room, then reset the router. This happened at least seven or eight times.

I got so mad one time that I just punched my bed a few times as hard as I could.

It was one of those moments where you get so frustrated that you want to hit something. I figured the bed was better than the wall or something else hard. I don’t know if this is just a guy thing — wanting to hit something when frustrated — or if most people do this.

Do you ever get so mad that you just find something to hit?

I don’t normally do this. Actually, I don’t know the last time I’ve even swung my fist at anything. I’m not a violent person. I’d rather it had been someone from Charter Communications I’d hit. My bed is precious. It is comfortable, and has given me many a good night of sleep.

Okay, I don’t want to really hit anyone from Charter (in case they are reading this right now).

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I’m off to sleep. Poor, precious bed, I’m sorry if I harmed you in any way…

My Internet connection just went out again as I was hitting the publish button for this post. So, thank you Wordpress for putting in that nifty save function.

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  1. Veda
    Veda Published |

    I get that “pumped” feeling in my arms when I’m really frustrated too. But I tend to want to throw things more than hit things. Perhaps due to memories of an older brother’s multiple attempts to put holes through basement walls with his fists? I’m not seeking pain any more than it sounds like you were. Just release.

    I type in notepad, copy/paste. It eliminates the connection issue when you only need it for a whopping minute and a half to complete the actual publishing task. 🙂

  2. Justin
    Justin Published |

    I type in notepad for longer posts because I always have a fear of losing the post. My Internet connection problems definitely don’t help with that fear. The only reason I didn’t do it with this post was because the connection seemed like it was going to finally stay connected.

  3. Uncle David
    Uncle David Published |

    “Doest thou well to be angry?” (Jonah 4:4) Why is that? Because when you are angry (like I was yesterday too and wanted to punch something.)it gets your blood to pumping a little faster and harder. And sometime we need that. The way I see it, ‘it kinda cleans out the arteries of all that bad, greasy, cholesterol loaded hamburgers and pizzas out of your blood stream that we all are living on these days.’ Hey, it works for me! Does this make sense to you?

  4. Justin
    Justin Published |

    So, it’s a healthy thing to do — be angry. No more doctor trips for me.

    You’re quoting Jonah also. I think I’m writing my next paper on that book. Coincidence?

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  6. Joe
    Joe Published |

    Justin, there are a mass of people out there ferociously mad at Charter.

    The list just keeps growing. No wonder this company finds itself in bankruptcy.

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